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20170 Observation Dr., Topanga, CA 90290 tel. (310) 428-3464

Presently President Metropolitan Puppet Authority, non-profit entity dedicated to Puppetry Arts
And President of Classics in Miniature, Inc: creating, producing, and distributing puppet films worldwide.


QUIXOTE, puppet film Producer/performer                  Classics in Minaiture
KURT CANNABIS & CONNIE CANCER                           Len Richmond Films
FAUST, puppet Film     Chief Producer/performer        Classics in Miniature
Team America                 Puppeteer                                      Paramount
Alien Resurrection         Puppet performer                        A.D.I./Fox

Men In Black                 Puppet performer                        R.Baker/ Sony

Prehysteria                       Puppet Performer                       Full Moon
Pet Shop                            Puppet performer                        Full Moon
Subspecies                        Puppet performer                        Full Moon
Robot Wars/Jox             Puppet Performer                        Full Moon
Dr. Mordrid                     Puppet Performer                         Full Moon

Batman Returns             Penguin performer                       S. Winston/Warner

Muppet Vision 3-D         Puppeteer                                       Disney/Henson

Puppeteered muppets on the last shoot by the late Jim Henson in 1990.


Plato’s Cave    (pilot)        Producer/performer            Ritz-Barr Production

Baby Einstein (stars show)        puppeteer                Disney Prod.

Furry Tales    (3 episodes)    head puppeteer            Kidzvid Entertain.

Kingsley’s Meadows (26 episodes)    Puppet/Suit performer        cable/Kidzvid

Muppets Tonight  (18 episodes)        Puppet performer                    ABC/ Henson
Puppeteered muppets for Brian Henson  in 1996-7.

Alef Bet Blastoff                  Puppet /builder/performer                   JTN (cable)
Built, and puppeteered muppet-style puppets for 6 episodes.

Cozy Corner                         Puppet performer/designer                   Sony TV
Bedtime Stories                 Puppet performer                          Think/Showtime
Puppeteered with Shelley Duval for 13 episodes of her 1994 show.

What a Dummy               Puppet performer                             MCA/Fox
Puppeteer for the 24 episodes of this 1991 Fox sitcom.

(Most recently)

Drunk Driving PSA         Puppet Master                H. Ochiyama

Barbie Industrials (2 spots)     Key Producer/Puppet Master     Mattel

Various others with Mark Rappaport Creature Effects, Inc
and David Allan Stop Motion FX  (list available on request)

(the following are Ritz-Barr Creations/Productions)

Native Dreams- Shadow Show    Producer/Performer           Tour
Currently performing  for family audiences. MPA production.

Moon Over Madness – Writer/Designer -J.A.Ford Theatre (1000 seat)
Created   several  segments with experimental puppets.
Evening with Poe – Writer/Actor/Producer -West Coast Tour

One-person/one puppet show (college tour)
in conjunction with Theatre 6470 in L.A.
Les Premiers Silences -Performer/Designer- 2-year Euro. Tour
Modern Dance Creation with Herve Diasnas, Paris. 30 performances.
Les Elephants -Performer/Designer -Festival Budapeste
Performed at Euro. Puppet Theatre Festival and won UNIMA excellence award.
Contes Futurs -Puppet Master/Designer- 2-year Euro. Tour

Created Modern Dance with puppets for 7-member Dance Co. Witzman-Anaya in Paris. In 2 season, 75 shows were performed in 600+ seat venues.

Punch Revisited -Writer/Performer/Producer -4-year Euro. Tour The stable show of Ritz-Barr Productions. Hand puppet artistry seen in many puppet festivals, small theatres, and cafe-theatres in France and So. California.

(the following are not Ritz-Barr Productions):
PBS Awards-Julie Taymore    Performer        PBS special 1990

Les Premiers Silences   Performer/Designer                      2-year Euro. Tour
Modern Dance Creation with Herve Diasnas, Paris. 30 performances.

Les Elephants           Solo Performer                      Festival Budapeste
Performed at Euro. Puppet Theatre Festival and won UNIMA excellence award.

Contes Futurs           Puppet Master/Designer              2-year Euro. Tour
Created Modern Dance with puppets for 7-member Dance Co. Witzman-Anaya
in Paris. In 2 seasons, 75 shows were performed in 600+ seat venues, including                       theatre/art festivals in Paris, London, and Annecy, France.

Punch Revisited         Writer/Performer/Producer               4-year Euro. Tour
Hand puppet artistry seen in     France, Belgium, and England.

Bruce Schwartz    Light/sound                4-month Euro.Tour


UNIMA(intl. puppetry org.) citation of excellence         FAUST film  Wash. DC 2008

BA Theatre Arts/ Education                           Whitworth College                  Spokane, WA

2-year cert. Theatre/Mime/Movement          Ecole Jacques LeCoq              Paris, France

Puppet Training                       Jean-Loup Temporal        Paris, France
3 years full time apprenticeship /work

Puppet Training  (10 week course)*             Alain Recoin            Paris, France

12 week workshop Intl. Puppet Insti.*    Phillip Genty        Charleville,  France

10 week workshop Intl.Insti.Puppetry*    Jim Henson        Charlesville, France

Movement-Dance Training (7 years)            Sonia Demitrescu                    Paris, France

UNIMA excellence award                 Solo Theatre Festival            Budapeste, Hungary

5 Writing Classes (Screenplay)           UCLA Extension              Los Angeles, CA

* Teaching Assistant Positions
Henson Foundation Grant recipient in 1992 for EVENING WITH POE


Fluent in French                Familiarity with German and Spanish
Mime/Juggler                    Published Author                Dancer- Acrobat
Singer- (Current member Angel City Chorale in Los Angeles, CA (high Tenor))
Former Little league baseball coach for both sons, Leo and Julian


“Conceptual Differences Between Real-Time Filmed Puppets and Theatre Puppets” commissioned by International Puppet Encyclopedia editor Dr. H. Jurkowski (Wroclaw, Poland) published by Institute de la Marionnette, Charleville-Mezieres, France; 1998

“La Marionnette Facon Hollywood” appeared in  Puck: La marionette et les autres arts, editions Institute International de la Marionnette  #9; 1996

“Way-High Tech.-Puppetic Images Found in Films and Television” appeared in Puppetry International (Atlanta, USA); published by UNIMA-USA; 1997


– UCLA Animaiton Dept. of Theatre, Film.Television PUPPETRY ARTS(2009)

-Taught small classes “VIDEO PUPPETRY” to professionals at my studio.

-Taught Puppet Classes at Hollygrove Children’s home, in Los Angeles from 1999-2002
for teachers and children. “Self-expression through Puppets.”

-Taught Puppetry at Widney Special Ed. High School in Los Angeles 1999-2001;     Developed a curriculum for severely mentally/ physically challenged older teens.

-Hosted workshops on Puppetry and Special Education from 1999-2001
at Claremont College, Claremont, CA, Psychology Dept, “Alternative Therapies”
and UCLA, school of Public Health, Dr. V. Mays “Puppets in Public Health”-how puppets are used to educate the public regarding Aids and STDs .

-Taught Puppet Arts for the City of Paris in France 1983-88. Several classes: “Puppetry     and the Avant Garde” for adults and others for children.

-4 week intensive (160hrs) for La Bebette Show, for TF1 France, training of professional     puppeteers for the highly successful show (14 years running in France).

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