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REAL-TIME ANIMATION: Puppet Film Challenges from Concept to Final Edit

By steven | Apr 5, 2011

Real-time Animation:  Puppet Film Challenges- Concept to Final Edit by Steven Ritz-Barr This article will explore the challenges inherent in conceiving, creating, and operating puppets to be filmed in real time with any puppet style or combination of operating styles. These are reflections based largely upon a direct experience with puppetry in commercial  & art…

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Upcoming Events

By steven | Mar 20, 2009

QUIXOTE screenings: April 1, 2011  U Conn : Puppet and Post Dramatic conference March 1, 2011 U of California at Santa Cruz FEB. 18, 2011 Friday 7pm private screening for MANSA conference in Woodland Hills, CA (check site: http://glaam.us.mensa.org/rg/2011/) Jan. 8, 2011  MLA  Modern Language Association conference and Cervantes Society Meeting. May 26-June 2, 2010 Prague…

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By steven | Mar 9, 2009

Welcome to LA Puppet Authority! THE  LA Puppet NEWS as of Friday March 13, 2004 Our organization is revamping itself because we don’t offer children’s puppet shows anymore to the general puppet. Also new Puppetry Arts course has been developed for UCLA Animation Workshop Dept. in the school of Theatre, Film, Television and Digital Media…

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