UCLA Course

Dept. of FTVDM, UCLA

Designed as a hands-on overview of Puppetry Arts as it intersects with film and television, including animatronics and motion capture. From designing and fabricating simple puppets, improvising, storyboarding, real-time character operating, lighting, experimenting with camera placement, and finishing a short Product.
For Creators– Animators, Filmmakers, Storytellers, Actors, Directors, and Visual Artists
12 sessions of 3 hrs each, twice a week

Steven Barr (aka Ritz-Barr) started acting and producing theatre while studying at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington, where he earned a degree in Education. From 1978 to 1989 he resided in Paris, France, where he studied at LeCoq’s Movement/Mime School, before committing to the Art of the Puppet. He developed and performed over twelve original productions, appearing in France, England, and Belgium, and in festivals in Hungary. He also designed abstract puppet figures and participated in two large-scale modern dance productions that toured extensively throughout Europe. After moving to Los Angeles in 1989, he began work in the film and television business. Among his numerous film credits as a puppet performer are Batman Returns, Alien Resurrection, Muppets Tonight, Men In Black and Team America. His first puppet-film production FAUST is the first of several works in a series entitled, Classics in Miniature.
www.classicsinminiature.com  and www.lapuppet.com

Puppetry Overview (with video and discussion)

Simple puppets (fabricated by students)
Complex Hand, Rod, and string controlled puppet operation.
Animatronic Puppetry
Conceptual overview of Motion capture
Shadow Animation
Create story, perform and shoot it.