Dec. 2014. Steven Ritz-Barr and the Metropolitan Puppet Authority have been busy the past few years. I will post my SHORT FILMS in order of date. We are presently doing QUIXOTE presentations throughout So. California. Please drop a note at : lapuppet<at>

LORELEI trailer (out Jan 2015)



HEEEP O SHEEEP-2  (promo code <sheeep>)










The Metropolitan Puppet Authority, will be presenting the puppet film, FAUST, at various film festivals and Universities throughout 2009. A 30 min presentation called "FAUST ,GOETHE, and their connetion to PUPPETRY", is also presented along with the film. Several puppets accompany the presentation. The audience members are welcome to operate the Faust puppets at the conclusion of the Program. We will also be developing the next film called QUIXOTE. At present, research is being compiled on Cervantes and the text, and some of our team will be going to Toledo, Spain in March for a week of research on the area where the novel was written, 400 years ago. We will be attending the Cervantes Symposium at USC in late April, which will feature a panel of experts sharing their knowledge on Cervantes and Cinema. Four Puppets of Don Quixote, Sancho, Racinante (Horse), and Rafio (donkey) will be completed by the end of April 2009. We hope to begin shooting the film by the end of the summer of 2009.   The development of short films, Public Service Announcements (PSAa) around childhood obesity, STDs and other pertinent social and science-oriented issues. Educational goals include the development and Teaching of a Puppetry Arts, 36 hr course in the Animation Dept. of the film, television, and theatre school at UCLA. This work should produce enough material to either write a book or produce an educational video about Filming Puppets.